General Dental Services

Whatever your needs, a quick polish with the hygienist or a more active course of treatment.

Your treatment plan will outline in detail the services required and include a full breakdown of costs.

New Patient Consultation £95

The first step in the patient/dentist relationship. After a sit down and a chat, we make a thorough check on the condition of of your teeth, gums, jaw and tongue. We also take a digital x-ray to see what is going on inside your teeth.

New patient consultation + hygiene treatment £165

Regular Checkup £80

A regular checkup may only take 30 minutes but it allow us to catch any problems early, before they develop into something more serious.

Regular checkup + hygiene treatment £145

Hygienist Treatment £70 for 30 minutes, or £90 for 45 minutes

A spring clean for your smile.

The specially trained dental hygienist will carefully scrub away any scale (tartar/calculus) and then give your teeth a thorough polishing for a squeaky clean feeling.

Hygienist treatment with the dentist 30 minutes is £85, and 45 minutes is £105

Prophy Jet (stain remover) Additional £25 on Hygiene appointments

The Prophy Jet wash system can erase major stains that cannot be removed during cleans alone.

If staining is a problem the Prophy Jet is recommended before whitening or if patients wish to have a brighter, clean smile.

Teeth Whitening - Enlighten £595

Tooth whitening is one of the easiest ways to enhance your looks. Whether you want to add a sparkle to your wedding day or perfect your look for business meetings, whitening is simple, affordable and safe.


Tooth Coloured Fillings £110 - £180

Tooth fillings perfectly matched to your own tooth colour, making them virtually invisible. We use completely BPA free composits.

Inlays £490

Larger cavities can be restored with strong, pre-shaped restorations made by dental technicians.

Aesthetic Porcelain Crowns From £510

Full coverage for badly damaged teeth by aesthetic materials which restore the colour shape and size of the affected teeth.

Amalgam Removal £45 / session + new filling costs

Replace that old grey amalgam filling with a new filling, perfectly matched to your own tooth colour.

Safely removing the toxic mercury based material, replacing it with stronger, safer materials.

Tooth Extraction £140 - £190

Overcrowding teeth or lack of maintenance sometimes requires complete tooth removal .

Root Canal Treatment £390 - £490

Tooth decay, leaky fillings, or accidental damage to teeth can leave a tooth open to attack. Bacteria living in the mouth can invade the core of the tooth causing immense pain.

The Wand

Painless injections.
So effective you'll wonder if we've actually started.
If you don’t like needles then this is for you!More...

CrystalAir Abrasion

So gentle you can carve an egg with it!
No noise, no heat, no smell.
A much nicer alternative to drilling.More...

Digital X-rays

Available as regular 2D or state of the art 3D.
Ultra-safe due to the very low dose radiation.
Available on screen within a few seconds.More...

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