Complex Dental Services

These complex procedures are usually more surgical in nature than regular dentistry.

As always, your treatment plan will outline in detail the services required and include a full breakdown of costs.

Implant Placement £1200

This procedure positions the base that the implant will sit on.

A titanium screw shaped implant is placed in the jaw bone.

Implant Crown £800

The placement of the tooth part of the implant.

Crown restoration on the top of the implant comes after bone healing

Dentures from £700

Replacing what time and living a full life has taken away.

Periodontal Specialist Consultation New Patient £150, Review £95

Detailed discussion with a professional who treats gum disease daily

Treatment to preserve teeth, gum and underlying bone tissue

Periodontal Treatment with bone graft £500

Where bone is missing, this treatment replaces it.

Blood plasma bone augmentation £500 per session

Bone augmentation with patient’s own blood (plasma)
Endoret® (prgf®) Technology

The Wand

Painless injections.
So effective you'll wonder if we've actually started.
If you don’t like needles then this is for you!More...

CrystalAir Abrasion

So gentle you can carve an egg with it!
No noise, no heat, no smell.
A much nicer alternative to drilling.More...

Digital X-rays

Available as regular 2D or state of the art 3D.
Ultra-safe due to the very low dose radiation.
Available on screen within a few seconds.More...