How We Keep You Safe

As we go beyond the half yearly mark of 2020, we have had to introduce further measures to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

At First Choice Dental Clinic, we wanted to share with you some of the extra safeguarding measures that we have put in place to make sure that we maintain only the highest levels of safety to keep everyone safe whilst attending the Practice. We have introduced an attendance guidance sheet which you can access on our home page entitled “Practice Update” .This page will show how we have incorporated some changes for when you visit, including temperature checks, hand sanitising and general safety guidance.

FCDC Covid Safe Reception

FCDC - Sanitizing Fogger

Treatment Rooms

After every Patient, the room where you received your treatment will have a full deep clean with detergent and with Hypochlorous Acid. The air is also filtered in each room.

Staff PPE

Our dedicated Colleagues and Clinicians will be wearing enhanced PPE including visors, surgical hats, masks, gowns, aprons and gloves for aerosol generating procedures. The clinical team is using only the highest quality FFP3 masks, which have been fit tested to the individual.

FCDC - Staff PPE

FCDC - Sanitizing Fogger

Dental Instruments

As before, every instrument used is thoroughly cleaned with detergent, all instruments are then placed in an ultrasonic bath to remove all debris, after which they are then rinsed and then placed in an autoclave to sterilise at a temperature of 136°C. Afterwards the instruments are kept in a sealed pouch to preserve sterility.