New Patient Consultation

The start of the patient/dentist relationship.

Lets take the time to get to know each other.

First we Learn about you



A quick questionnaire and a chat

The questionnaire establishes a few basics...
How have you been?
Do you take any medications?
Do you have any allergies?
How do you rate your smile?

Then we sit down and have a chat. Learning about you and your lifestyle helps us understand the history of your teeth.



Next we take a good Look  

What can we see?

Using the famous dentists mirror* we take a good look to see if there are any problems.

*It really is just a tiny mirror on the end of a pole.
Rather like a selfie stick, but for teeth

Cracked Tooth



Chipped Tooth



Tooth Errosion



Tooth Decay



Tooth Cavities



And we Feel  

What can we Feel?

Using the other famous dentist tool, the probe*, we feel for any problems.

*You can feel the tooth's surface yourself with your finger nail, but a finger nail is rather unprofessional, so we use the probe instead.


Soft Spots





We take some Pictures  

X-rays* can show us hidden detail.

High quality, digital x-ray images are fast, efficient and quite safe. more info...

*An X-ray, is just a black & white photograph that's taken with a rather fancy camera.


Things we can't see


X-ray detail

On screen in seconds


Finally we discuss your Options  



How to to achieve the smile you want.

Once the examination is complete we can talk about your options. If you're lucky we'll simply ask you to come back in six months for a regular checkup. But if treatment is required we will sit down with you and help you work out a plan. At the end you will have a comprehensive written plan describing exactly what is needed, and how much it will cost to get you the smile you want.