Nervous Patient Care

First Choice Dental Clinic has an excellent track record in helping nervous patients conquer their fears

If you are anxious about visiting the dentist then you are not alone! Dental anxiety is quite common and there are many reasons, but whatever your reason we are here to help you conquer your worries.

We work on an individual basis with you.

Firstly we listen to you, your hopes and your fears

We proceed at your pace and will stop whenever you need

If you're not comfortable with something, then we won't do it.

There are some wonderful tools we can use to help reduce your anxiety.

You can choose 'The Wand' for painless injections

You can have 'Crystal Air Abraision' giving you drill free dentistry

Sedation from a fully qualified anaesthetist is also available.

And our most popular feature...

Smile inducing stress-balls, in a variety of colours. You would be amazed how effective they can be!