Digital x-rays

Fast, efficient and very patient friendly.

Producing traditional 2D images or state of the art 3D images.

The benefits of x-rays are well known

Clinicians can see inside a tooth and beneath the gums

Common problems such as cavities, gum disease and some types of infections can be easily diagnosed

Treatment can begin earlier resulting in less pain and less tooth loss.

This is an actual 2D x-ray image taken in the clinic.

At First Choice Dental Clinic our focus is on x-ray safety. The digital x-ray units used in our dental clinic emit extremely small doses of radiation. However, repeated small doses of x-rays can add up over time, potentially causing cell damage. That's why we recommend x-rays should be used with caution and only when absolutely necessary.

The 2D x-ray process - Blink and you might miss it.


Hold this between your teeth


Click goes the x-ray 'camera'
x-ray detail

On screen in seconds


High quality, 2D digital x-ray images are fast, efficient and quite safe. Once taken the digital images can be saved in a patients records and referred back to in the future, allowing any changes in a tooth's health to be easily monitored.


The 3D x-ray process - Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT).

The CBCT digital 3D x-ray machine is a wonderful piece of equipment that takes a picture of the entire jaw and every single tooth, all in one go! And its as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Place your chin on the rest.

Hold still while the camera whizzes round your head.

View the picture on the screen.

The resulting picture gives a good view of your dental health. We can see all of your teeth in one go, as well as your jaw bone and the joints. All this and you didn't even have to open your mouth.

Our Sirona 3D x-ray combines high resolution image quality with great flexibility, resulting in clear, sharp images with the lowest radiation dose. It enables us to examine complicated root-canal systems, bone defects and gives accurate details of anatomical and pathological features. Our system is also able to provide images of upper and lower jaw, airways and inner ear in a 3D format. Furthermore, by using implant planning software, we are able to plan the perfect size and position of the implants.

We are happy to accept referrals for scans from other practices and to provide reports on the findings.