Hair Restoration

Increasing hair growth in natural way, without chemicals or surgery.

Plasma (ENDORET®) hair restoration (Plasma rich in growth factors)

New Hair growth

Zero Rejection

Minimally invasive.


This procedure is a biomedical technology, which aims to stimulate hair regeneration by using proteins taken from the the patient’s own blood. The result is hair regeneration which helps counteract genetic and/or historic hair loss.

The proceedure follows four steps

Collect a sample of the patients blood.

Separate the blood in a centrifuge.

Extract the platelet rich plasma.

Inject the plasma into the patients skin.

For the best results it is recommended to have 3 sessions of treatment, 3-4 weeks apart.
A 10% discount will be given if all three sessions are booked and paid in advance.

Subsequently the treatment is personalised by maintenance sessions being used 1-3 per year depending on the skin type.

The price for for hair restoration is £230 per session.

Blood collection and separation is carried out by clinician staff at First Choice Dental. Clinic application is carried out by Elena Oakdon, advanced skin therapist, using a Dermapen.


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