Dru Ayurveda Health Coaching

Dental health and Ayurveda

Introducing Ayurveda into your daily routine can help reduce stress related issues as well as supporting the whole body, particularly the immune and digestive systems. It is a key factor in enhancing the expert dental care provided by your dentist and hygienist. Ayurveda can help you in the following ways to name but a few…

Ayurveda is an ancient therapeutic science that dates back thousands of years. It is rapidly gaining popularity in the West as our desire for natural modes of healing increases. It is based upon the laws of nature and uses the principles of restoring balance to the whole system. This is key to reducing or eliminating many of the common health conditions which affect our physical, emotional and mental health, particularly the digestive system.

Through this wisdom of holistic healing we can now benefit from totally natural solutions for supporting and strengthening our vital energies that are essential for health and longevity. As your Ayurveda Health Coach, I can help guide you to discover the underlying imbalances of the elements - known as doshas in Ayurveda. These qualities directly link our own given nature with that of the seasons, time of day and manner in which we express ourselves.

Each of the elements in nature - earth, water, fire, air and space are present in the body to varying degrees depending upon our constitution. If we have a Kapha constitution, we are dominated by the elements of earth and water so tend to have a larger frame, good stamina and tendency to gain weight easily. Difficulties in letting go, feeling overly emotional with a propensity to depression all indicate that this dosha is out of balance. Those with a Pitta constitution have a lot of heat or fire naturally in the body and tend to have a strong, healthy appetite, a need to be active and organised. They have a tendency to rashes, ulcers and overheating when out of balance. The Vata dosha is related to air and space, so those individuals are more likely to experience forms of dryness, arthritis, constipation, dry skin. They can easily feel anxious or “spaced out” and ungrounded. The frame tends to be more delicate and typically taller or more petite than the Pitta and Kapha types. Those who are highly creative and inventive are often Vata types.

Initial Consultation with tongue diagnosis: 75 minutes £80

Your first appointment will mainly involve a friendly discussion around your full health history and current concerns as mentioned on your health questionnaire. It will be followed by Ayurvedic pulse and tongue diagnosis and a setup of a treatment plan.

More details:

A review of your typical daily diet and lifestyle patterns will form a significant part of the initial conversation to discover the best way to support your health requirements. Together with general observation, Ayurvedic pulse and tongue diagnosis, I will be able to confirm your personal constitution. The tongue is a clear indicator of the degree of toxic build up there may be in the body. From these conclusions we can determine possible areas that might be out of balance and the progression of any current health conditions.

Throughout our time together we will create a treatment plan that will inspire you to take the next steps towards restoring optimum health and wellbeing. Details of the treatment plan will be emailed to you, along with your dietary recommendations. We will make sure that you are completely happy and feel able to carry out these recommendations as health coaching is a two-way process rather than a prescriptive one.

A typical treatment plan can include

Follow up Consultation: 60 minutes £70

This generally takes place 4-8 weeks after your initial consultation depending upon how much time you need to incorporate the recommendations into your daily routine. Health coaching helps you to keep on track with discovering and living according to your own unique needs. You will soon start to feel the benefits and many of the suggestions can be followed by the whole family - so everyone benefits!

More details:

During your follow-up consultation we will go into more depth around the rationale for the advice given. We will discuss your progress and improvements in your symptoms as well as any adjustments that need to be made to your treatment plan. We will chat about any changes to your digestive system as this is a great indicator of the general health of the body and in preventing health conditions. This is a good time to go into more depth about any related concerns you may have that we were not able to address during your initial consultation.