Whatever your needs, a polish with the hygienist or a more complex course of treatment.

Your treatment plan will outline in detail the services required and include a full breakdown of costs.

New Patient Consultation £65 (£120 with Hygienist Treatment)

The first step in the patient/dentist relationship. After a sit down and a chat, we make a thorough check on the condition of of your teeth, gums, jaw and tongue. We also take a digital x-ray to see what is going on inside your teeth.

Regular Checkup £50 (£100 with Hygienist Treatment)

A regular checkup may only take 15 minutes but it allow us to catch any problems early, before they develop into something more serious.

Periodontal Specialist Consultation £135

Detailed discussion with a professional who treats gum disease daily

Treatment to preserve teeth, gum and underlying bone tissue

Hygienist Treatment with the Dentist £62

A hygienist visit is like a spring clean for your smile.

The dentist will carefully scrub away any scale (tartar/calculus) and then give your teeth a thorough polishing for a squeaky clean feeling.

Hygienist Treatment with the Hygienist £53 to £68

This is the same treatment as the dentist would perform, but performed by a fully trained dedicated dental hygienist. The advantage of a specialist hygienist over a fully qualified dental surgeon is that they are a tad cheaper.

Teeth Whitening in clinic £390

Professional teeth whitening can produce stunning results.

Stains from tea, coffee, red wine as well as yellowing with time can all be safely removed.

Teeth Whitening at home £180

Want to wake up to whiter teeth?

Unique trays hold the whitening gel which penetrates deep to whiten your teeth inside. Pop them in before you go to bed and you'll notice the difference in the morning.

Nervous Patient £ Priceless

We understand nervousness, we're human too. But nerves needn't prevent you having the smile you want.

We have an excellent track record in helping people overcome their fears.


Sedation £ 450

For those that would rather not remember what happened.

Tooth coloured fillings £110 - £180

Tooth fillings perfectly matched to your own tooth colour, making them virtually invisible.

Inlays £490

Larger cavities can be restored with strong, pre-shaped restorations made by dental technicians.

Aesthetic Porcelain Crowns From £510

Full coverage for badly damaged teeth by aesthetic materials which restore the colour shape and size of the affected teeth.

Amalgam Removal £80 / session

Replace that old grey amalgam filling with a new filling, perfectly matched to your own tooth colour.

Safely removing the toxic mercury based material, replacing it with stronger, safer materials.

Tooth Extraction £140 - £190

Overcrowding teeth or lack of maintenance sometimes requires complete tooth removal .

Root Canal Treatment £390 - £490

Tooth decay, leaky fillings, or accidental damage to teeth can leave a tooth open to attack. Bacteria living in the mouth can invade the core of the tooth causing immense pain.

Implant Placement £1200

This procedure positions the base that the implant will sit on.

A titanium screw shaped implant is placed in the jaw bone.

Implant Crown £1200

The placement of the tooth part of the implant.

Crown restoration on the top of the implant comes after bone healing

Dentures £800

Replacing what time and living a full life has taken away.

C-fast Orthodontic Treatment  

Consultation: free
One arch: £2,000
Both arches: £2,800
C-fast is a simple, gentle, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that corrects alignment issues with the top and bottom front six teeth, and can level and round out the arches. The clear orthodontic brackets fixed onto the teeth and joined with a nickel-titanium wire; which puts gentle pressure to move the teeth. C-fast takes less time than conventional orthodontic treatments because it focuses only on the front six teeth, which most influence the appearance of your smile.



Periodontal Treatment with bone graft £410 / site

Where bone is missing, this treatment replaces it.


The Wand £13

Painless injections.
So effective you'll wonder if we've actually started.
Nervous patients: This is your cure!

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CrystalAir Abrasion £45 / session

So gentle you can carve an egg with it!
No noise, no heat, no smell.
A much nicer alternative to drilling away at the tooth.

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Digital X-rays Single £12, Full Mouth £55

Hold this little plastic card between your teeth.
And keep still. 3.. 2..1.. Done!
A few seconds later your X-ray is on screen.

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